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Monthly Meeting Minutes

- Leon Cary
Town Clerk- Joan Richards
Assessor- Mary Jo LeClaire
Superintendent-  Chris Spaulding, Hwy. Superintendent
Code- Chris Robinson, Bldg. and Fire code officer
  • Kevin Everly
  • Donald Foster
  • John Tryon
  • David Shipman
Judge- Joe Fravel
Dog Control- Chris Spaulding
Planning Board Chairman- Robert Palanza

Welcome to the Town of Barton

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Our History

Barton was formed on March 23, 1824 and is nestled between two rivers. The Susquehanna River and the Chemung River and lies in the southwestern corner of Tioga County and is bounded on the north by the Town of Spencer, east by the Towns of Tioga and Nichols, south side by the NY/PA border, and on the west by Chemung County.

Barton was incorporated in 1854, which includes the Village of Waverly and the hamlets of Barton and Lockwood, also part of Halsey Valley. There are 94.3453 miles of roads in the Town of Barton (excluding the Village of Waverly) and a population of 9,066, with 4,607 being within the Village (2000 Census).

The origin of the name “Barton” is vague. In an early dictionary, the word barton was defined in part as “the domain lands of a manor.” Since no prominent person by the name of Barton ever lived or owned property in Barton when it was surveyed, it is reasonable conjecture that the word, “barton” (meaning manor) was written on an early map and filed in Albany. When the map was examined and the only name found on it was “Barton”, that was the name given to the town.

Most of the early settlers came from New York, Connecticut or Pennsylvania. One of the earliest and most prominent was John Shepard. In 1796 he bought 1,000 acres, which covered all the land on which the Village of Waverly now stands. Others living in Barton before 1795 operated farms and sawmills, Luke Saunders, John Hanna, Samuel Ellis, Ebenezer Ellis, James Swartwood and Stephen Mills. Businesses in the nineteenth century included Novelty Furniture Works, the Butter and Oyster Pail Manufactory, Sayre Butter Package Company. There were grist and flouring mills, saw mills, creameries, wagon and blacksmith shops.

The first church erected in the Town of Barton in 1833 was the Emory Chapel and was named for John Emory, a Methodist Bishop. It is the second oldest church in Tioga County and still stands on a pretty little knoll guarding the graves of many of their early settlers.

Social life in the Town was provided by the North Barton Grange #45 and the first grange in Tioga County, established on January 2, 1874.

Barton Community Club was incorporated on November 29, 1946, with the purpose of maintaining and fostering interest in civic, social and community affairs.

The Town Municipal Offices have been located at 304 Rt. 17C, Waverly, NY, since December 1982 in the old Ellistown “Little Red School House.” It was a schoolhouse until the late 1950’s and was turned over to the Town in 1963 by the Waverly Central School District.

The old schoolhouse--bell in front of the Town offices, houses a Supervisor’s Office, the Town Clerk, Town Assessor, Town Justice, Town Code Enforcement, Town Constables and a Dog Control Officer.

Board meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M. There is also a Town Planning Board, which does preliminary investigation of town board projects before board action.