Town Board

The Town Board consists of four Council people and the Town Supervisor. Each Council person is elected and holds a four year term, with two seats being up for election every four years. You may contact any of the Council people with issues.

The Town of Barton meets the second Monday of each month, except October, which is the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM. Special meeting or public hearings will be noted on the web, calendar of events or listed on the Town Clerk’s Bulletin board or legal ads of the local newspaper. The meetings are held at the Town of Barton Town Hall, 304 Route 17C, Waverly, NY 14892


Current Councilpersons:
Kevin Everly Term ending: 2017   Donald Foster Term ending: 2017  
721 Talmadge Hill E     425 Old Barton Road    
Waverly, NY 14892     Barton, NY 13734    
607-565-7124     607-565-9677    
David Shipman Term ending: 2019   John Tryon Term ending: 2019  
1164 Ellis Creek Rd     279 Ranch Rd    
Waverly, NY 14892     Waverly, NY 14892    
607-565-3830     607-565-2187 or 607-565-7430    

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes